From Our Global Director

“Gender equality benefits everyone. To achieve it, first we must have gender equal laws.”
“Gender equality benefits everyone. To achieve it, first we must have gender equal laws.”

Dear Friends,

Thank you for joining with us to protect and promote the human rights of women and girls, globally. In partnership with organizations and individual activists across the world, the Equality Now team is working hard to make gender equality a reality for everyone and we truly appreciate your continued support to help achieve it.

2013 marked a period of growth for Equality Now – we increased staff in Africa and started a revamp of our communications staffing and structures. We also achieved key milestones in each of our program areas: conducted with our local partners, our campaigns resulted in changes in discriminatory nationality laws in Austria and Senegal; proposed revocation of a law in Morocco that allowed a rapist to go free if he married his victim; strengthening of a law against bride kidnapping in Kyrgyzstan; better implementation of laws against female genital mutilation (FGM) in Kenya and the United Kingdom, and the closing of a loophole on the anti-FGM law in the United States; a divorce for a child bride in Saudi Arabia and proposed regulations against child marriage; a shift in Europe towards the laws that address the demand for commercial sex as a way of curbing sex trafficking; and, more focus on the voices of adolescent girls and survivors of sex trafficking to inform policies. Our work to help advance African women’s rights as the Secretariat of the SOAWR Coalition was recognized with an award by the African Union.

Equality Now has partners (and members!) in almost every country in the world. We’ve earned the trust of many prominent organizations and individuals supporting human rights work, and they continue to invest in us year after year. Thank you for continuing to introduce Equality Now to your networks – engaging more people in the cause is one of our core approaches to creating a better world for all.

I hope you enjoy this new digital and environmentally friendly format of our Annual Report. In it, we lay out our 2013 organizational successes, the strategies we used to achieve them and provide some key highlights and results of our work. You’ll also be able to read testimonials from our partners and friends on their experiences working with Equality Now. We enjoy hearing from our supporters, so please don’t hesitate to contact us with your feedback.

Striving for equality for women and girls is the right thing to do and the smart thing to do. You have helped us attain international recognition as experts in the field of human rights and gender equality – a role we take very seriously. Thank you for being part of the movement.

In gratitude,

Yasmeen Hassan