Campaign Map

United Kingdom Establish and implement a comprehensive approach to end FGM
Egypt Stop the medicalization of FGM
Mali Enact a law banning FGM
Niger Strengthen the implementation of the anti-FGM law
Liberia Enact a law banning FGM
Kenya Strengthen the implementation of the anti-FGM law
USA Implement the anti-FGM law and the UN General Assembly resolution to end FGM
Global Repeal/Amend all sex discriminatory laws with a special focus on nationality & citizenship laws
Global Establish minimum age of marriage laws based on internationally recommended standards
Egypt Integrate women’s rights & ensure women’s full participation in the Constitutional process post-revolution
Africa Ratify, domesticate & implement the Protocol on the Rights of Women in Africa
Kyrgyzstan End the practice of bride kidnapping & forced marriage
Morocco Repeal the exemption for rapists who marry their victims & ban child marriage
Saudia Arabia Enact a law banning child marriage
Yemen Enact a law banning child marriage
Zambia Establish & implement guidelines to address sexual violence in schools
European Union Adopt the Nordic Model of laws to end sex trafficking
Global Ensure UN agency policies follow international law and target the demand for commercial sex
USA Pass the Trafficking Victims Protection & Justice Act in New York to improve access to justice for underage victims
India Reform anti-trafficking laws to better protect sex trafficking victims
Global Ensure survivor representation in efforts to combat trafficking & commercial sexual exploitation
USA Ensure that the Federal Strategic Action Plan addresses demand and includes survivors’ voices