In 2013, Equality Now issued 18 Actions encompassing 2 global campaigns, 10 targeted country campaigns, plus 6 updates to ongoing campaigns in Indonesia, Jordan, Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, Liberia and Uganda.

Global: Amend all sex discriminatory nationality and citizenship laws

URGENT ALERT! Pakistan: Stop attacks on human rights advocates and NGO workers


Egypt: Stop sexual violence against women demanding their rights


United States: Pass the Trafficking Victims Protection & Justice Act in New York

Saudi Arabia: Protect don’t prosecute women’s rights activists





Egypt: Ensure women’s full participation in the constitutional process and promote their rights

United Nations: Listen to survivors – don’t jeopardize efforts to prevent sex trafficking

Yemen: End child marriages by enacting and enforcing a minimum age of marriage law



Afghanistan: Prosecute those responsible for the rape and murder of 16-year-old Shakila Bakhsh

United States: Pass the International Violence Against Women Act (I-VAWA)


United States: Address the role of the U.S. military in fueling global sex trafficking



Morocco: Enact legal reforms to strengthen punishments for sexual violence and prevent child marriage

Saudi Arabia: End child marriages and male guardianship over women

India: Reform anti-trafficking laws to better protect sex trafficking victims


Egypt: Enforce the FGM law and prosecute those responsible for Soheir al-Batea’s death


Kenya: Protect girls by enforcing FGM and child marriage laws





URGENT ALERT! Include women in the Syrian peacebuilding process now!

Egypt: Renewed callensure justice for Soheir al-Batea